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Production services Argentina – impressive in scale and majestic in landscape

Covid update August/September 2021: What do the Argentines say when confronted with the daily mayhem? “Es la Argentina!!”, that´s Argentina. They approach things differently and like to get on with things and not take life too seriously. But there are restrictions due to the new Delta variant, 10-14 days of quarantine with the possibility to meet in hotel owned conference rooms. This is valid until end of September 2021.  

Argentina is as diverse as it is captivating. The country spans over 2.7 million sq km, the second-largest country in South America after Brazil. 7 Seas offer full production services in Argentina, covering the entire region, from Buenos Aries to Patagonia.

Buenos Aires is a splendid blend of European grandeur and Latin passion. The capital is made up of many lively and bustling neighborhoods, called barrios, that feel distinctly unique and there are 48 barrios in total! The most popular being Palermo, Recoleta, San Telmo, and La Boca.

And then there is Patagonia in the South, a sparsely populated and natural wonderland featuring The Andes Mountains. Patagonia as a video & film production location offers majestic feats of mother nature.

It is enormous in scale and takes an experienced crew to lead the way. 7 Seas has been producing locally across the country for many years and the team is both highly skilled and professional, so relax, you are in the best hands possible.

Positioned in the heart of Patagonia is South America’s largest nature reserve, Seven Lakes. Here there are picturesque mountains, incredible flora and fauna and wild river rapids. Need a glacier? No problems! The region is also home to the Perito Moreno glacier, and it is one of the most important and impressive attractions in the country. Patagonia is the ultimate mecca for outdoor and nature productions, especially for our active wear and automotive clients. And it is a great substitute for the Swiss Alps, Arizona deserts and Mongolian vastness thanks to the richly diverse landscapes. Castle Lite, Conleys, VOLVO and Coca Cola have all been to Argentina with us. Up for the adventure? Call us today and go somewhere you have never been with 7 Seas!


Argentina’s diverse landscape and large land mass set the stage for extreme temperatures and even more extreme landscapes. Everything about this country is extraordinary.

Buenos Aires: Striking a perfect balance between modern and historical.

With a strong European flair, this cosmopolitan city has cobblestone streets, impressive architecture and a big cafe culture. The streetscapes and interiors are as beautiful as they are plentiful. Learn more about our production services in Buenos Aires.

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Patagonia: The real star of Argentina.

An ideal destination for everything nature related to film and photography. The natural abundance and landscape quality makes it a year-round production haven and is perfect for fashion, adventure, and car brands. Learn more about our production services in Patagonia.