• Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires combines European grandeur with Latin passion and soul. It is also the most visited city in South America, and for good reason. ‘Good Airs’ as it translates to in Spanish has a strong European influence, evident in the architecture and layout of the city which is quite unique for South America. Shooting in the streets of Buenos Aires is our recommendation, given the design of the buildings and the incredible scenescapes available.

Palermo – the largest Barrios in Buenos Aires with plenty of attractions

Puerto Madero – modern architecture and waterfront views dominate here in the newest part of the city

The city is divided into Barrios (neighborhoods) and there are 48 different Barrios making up Buenos Aires. Palermos is the city’s largest and features boundless cafés and restaurants, bars and nightclubs, parks, museums and galleries, shops and artisanal markets. San Telmo is the city’s oldest neighborhood whereas Puerto Madero has the most modern architecture in the city along the waterfront.

Recoleta is the affluent district and feature Paris-style townhouses and other grand buildings with historical interest. And La Boca is the most colorful part of the city with street art, music and brightly painted buildings as far as the eye can see – all of these neighborhoods are great locations for campaign and editorial photo shoots.

La Boca – vibrant, colorful and full of energy

Recoleta – this neighborhood is home to the most grand architecture in the city

San Telmo – featuring cobblestone streets and colonial buildings, this is the most historical part of Buenos Aires