Winter Productions in Chamonix and The Alps

7 Seas Productions has a unique approach to winter productions in Chamonix and the wider Alps. The company’s producers and location managers are qualified ski instructors and mountain guides, well-used to tackling the diverse terrain, making them the best people possible to lead the crew. Thanks to their wit, skill and experience these ‘mountain specialists’ get the whole crew up and down the mountain safely and ensure the ‘shots are got’ each day.

And what makes Chamonix so special? You have two different climates on each side of Mont Blanc. The cities of Chamonix (France) and Courmayeur (Italy) are connected by the famous Mont Blanc Tunnel, giving you access to glaciers and breath-taking high altitude mountain plateaux within a 30-minute drive of each other. This unique position makes productions convenient as the best weather conditions on the day determine which side of Mont Blanc to go to.

Are you thinking of your next campaigns already? Then give the 7 Seas crew, aka the 7 Mountains crew a call!

To learn more about producing in Chamonix and The Alps with 7 Mountains visit the website for production services in the Alps.