Video and photo production – the best of Latin America

Imagine yourself in the enviable position of choosing Cuba or Colombia for your next video or photo production. Not a bad dilemma, right? 7 Seas clients often face this choice, so let’s weigh up both options for you.

Cuba really is the heart of the Caribbean. It has all the charm you could ever expect, while Havana has the cars, yes! It also has the architecture, in every hue imaginable for photos that truly pop. And the impeccable beaches, like Cayo Coco, are only a short distance from the capital. American clients can forget the political embargos, 7 Seas will take care of everything for a completely carefree production. Click here to learn more about production services in Cuba.

Colombia offers what Cuba does, with a handful of small differences. Like Cartagena, here the old and new worlds have collided in beautiful and unexpected ways, evident largely in the plush interiors and grand architecture. Cartagena is also hurricane-free due to its unique location, so don’t let that stop you. Click here to learn more about production services in Colombia.

Still not sure? Call 7 Seas today. The team has been producing in this part of the world for over 20 years so they know their stuff. Recent clients include Zimmermann, Hermes and For Love & Lemons, to name a few. Want to be next?